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AMANI: Reveal cover

It is official! You now have access to Reveal book cover!

I'm very happy with the result. It believe it looks even better than what I had first imagined!



Reveal quotes

Just like I did with Remember, I will post a quote from the book AMANI: Remember every week until the release date on December 18th.
Here's the first.


official book cover!

Short resume of amani: remember

From the first time Amya gains consciousness in a hospital, she tries to remember the train of events that landed her in a coma, as well as the lost memories of more than eleven months of her life. But her struggle does not stop when she wakes up. The world around her is falling apart. Her best friend Samera needs her help and urges her to work for the Protectors of Amani again and her friend Xander is the victim of a Rascal’s bite. A Rascal only needs to touch somebody in order to feed on their humanity: their energy, their youth, their dreams… But when they bite you, there is no going back.
Using her ability to Sojourn—to project her soul into people’s bodies—and Samera’s capacity to Travel between Dimensions, Amya risks her life and integrity to save a loved one. Little does she know that her friend might be lost forever.


If you're wondering what Dimension influences you the most, here's a quiz that'll give you the answer you're looking for.





-"Prudence, my dear fellows, prevents from unfortunate compromises."

-" I hated the idea of being half of an individual who could only be completed by someone else, the other half. I liked my independence."

-"Weak or strong, everyone falls at least a thousand times throughout their life. It is in what they learn from their fall and how steady they become that you recognize the strongest of all."

-“Or when you’re drunk, your brain doesn’t have the ability to differentiate your feelings from your selves’, which leads you to act impulsively when influenced by your Red-self; like a child, when influenced by your Yellow-self; or to do everything slowly and act like Einstein, when influenced by your Blue-self. Same thing applies for other types of drugs.”

-"Teeth were created to be shown."

First interview about AMANi: remember


I've had my first interview with Shut Up & Read. It's pretty cool to answer questions on a project you've been working on for two years. I almost feel like a celebrity... well, not that much, but still. 

Check it out right here.
For more interviews and reviews, visit the
Get Your Copy! page. 


Proof copy 

I just received the proof copy of my novel. There are only a few aspects to change before it is ready to send out there.
I can't begin to describe how good it feels to hold it and smell it... Although it doesn't smell a thing, which is weird.

The star of amani

 The Star of Amani represents the four Dimensions plus Heaven and Hell.

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AMANI: Remember Quotes


Lydhia’s quotes

“Prudence, my dear fellows, prevents from unfortunate compromises." -Jeffrey” —Lydhia Marie



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